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The Human Lymphatic System and Deep Oscillation Therapy

Recently I purchased a truly unique treatment device called Deep Oscillation. Originating in Germany in 2007, this patented Hivamat technology creates low frequencies of gentle electrostatic impulses. Below I have described how the lymphatic system works in the human body and its importance to health. This background knowledge helps to better understand how Deep Oscillation Therapy can make such quick and large therapeutic changes in the body.

Most are unfamiliar with the human lymphatic system and how important it is to optimal health and vitality. As pictured above, the lymphatic system looks analogous to the blood circulatory system and exists as a network of capillaries, vessels and nodes. The lymphatic system connects to and interacts with every organ in the body, and its two major roles are related to our body’s self defense from infection and its ability to collect, transport and recirculate interstitial fluid. A healthy human adult is composed of about 60% water (a new born infant is about 80%). Two-thirds of this fluid is inside of our cells, the other one-third exists outside of the cells and is known as extra-cellular fluid. This extra-cellular fluid is an ocean that bathes all of the cells in our body and is so similar in composition to blood plasma because they directly exchange gases, nutrients, electrolytes and everything else at the molecular level needed to sustain life. The lymphatic capillaries are one-way, unlike blood capillaries, and allow interstitial fluid to come in, but not out. They collect and direct this sea of interstitial fluid and transport it along its many twisting pathways on its journey to be filtered and then rejoined with venous blood circulation as blood plasma. Filled with metabolites, proteins, ions, bacteria, white blood cells and at times cancer cells, the lymphatic system acts as a sewer system and filter for our body to flush out toxins and cellular waste.

The lymph nodes are glandular capsules along the lymph vessels that contain white blood cells known as lymphocytes. As lymphatic fluid flows through the lymph nodes, these defense cells play a major role in identifying and fighting infections in the body. It is important to keep this fluid dynamic in balance and flow because when things become stagnant, it can lead to various health problems in the body. Many people have badly congested lymphatic systems and don’t even know. Lymphatic congestion is involved in health problems like inflammation, infections, arthritis, skin conditions, heart disease, cellulite and many other pathological processes in the body. The key is to keep all the fluids flowing and avoid congestion to allow optimal movement of nutrients coming into the cells, and waste products to be disposed of properly.

Getting DEEP down to the innermost levels of lymphatic circulation with Deep Oscillation

Deep Oscillation Therapy is a unique therapeutic treatment that directly impacts lymphatic circulation and as a result optimises the movement and exchange of cellular nutrition and waste throughout the body. The treatment effect is produced by a pulsating electro-static wave combined with gentle sweeping movements along the lymphatic pathways. This oscillating attractive force pulls and pushes at tissues and which mechanically breaks up and decongests any lymphatic blockages. Incredibly, the therapeutic effects penetrate 8cm into the body targeting the deepest layers of lymphatic vessels and body tissues.

This pleasant feeling therapy is so gentle that it can be used for acute injuries as well as day one post-operatively yet works just as effectively for chronic and fibrotic conditions. The three phases of treatment work to dissolute lymphatic waste, reduce muscle tone, and displace that congested lymph back into blood circulation to restore normal fluid dynamics in the body. The net effect is muscle relaxation, relief of pain and inflammation, and improved nutrition and waste removal in the body.

After receiving this therapy you can continue to keep your circulation and lymphatic system working optimally by staying hydrated, moving and exercising regularly, and applying occasional self-massage. If you have any questions about the lymphatic system, or if Deep Oscillation Therapy can help you, please feel free to contact me.

Remember to Move often, and Move Well.

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