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Move Often and Move Well


Thrive Physio excels at one-on-one private and personalized physical therapy. We offer advanced clinical expertise with research-guided techniques to help you recover from pain or movement problems that impact your ability to do what’s important.


Specializing in accurate and focused hands-on techniques that will help you recover faster, prevent relapse and thrive.

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Important Notice re: COVID-19 to Our Valued Patients

​​​We are heeding the recommendations from WHO and Health Canada. As a result, we will only be offering limited in-person emergency appointments for acute and serious issues.

However, we are Now Offering Virtual Physiotherapy sessions - To learn more please email


Tel: 647-654-4879  |  Fax: 647-498-1517  |


Physiotherapy Initial Assessment and Treatment

(90 Minutes, $160, includes: assessment, treatment, home exercise program)

A comprehensive and multi-system process examining the musculoskeletal, neurological, and  cardio-respiratory systems for health and function. To develop and implement therapeutic, rehabilitative and preventive courses of intervention to help clients achieve their health goals and improved quality of life. 

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